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Google update – Are Popups OK for Mobile?

This new update had quite a stir in the last week so I decided to clear a few things up for you. I especially want to clear this one up as all the sites we design are focused on conversion and collecting

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SEO Guidelines for Writing Content

In order to have a working SEO strategy for a small business, you need to keep abreast of the SEO best practices. There are about 200 different factors that Google considers when ranking a page. It follows

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Tracking Website Success

Make sure after your website goes live, you install the tracking code and log in to Google Analytics. Check the date that you are receiving. Keep an eye on the traffic. A significant drop in the traffic

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We Are Hiring – Digital Marketing Person

Digital Marketing Person We think Media Junkies is probably the one of the most progressive and exciting boutique digital agency’s around. We’ve passed the two-year mark and have firmly established

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10 Effective SEO Tools to Analyze Your Website

SEO Tools for Website Analysis Maintaining a website is generally useless if no one reads it. How do you ensure readers then? The easiest way to generate traffic is to make sure your website appears in

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