Top Marketing Strategies To Come In 2022

A Year In Preview: Top Marketing Strategies To Come In 2022

Congratulations on making it to the end of another successful year! We’re proud to have arrived at the finish line together, but before you take a well-deserved break, why don’t we gear up a little early for next year? (Psst, this is where the competition calls it a day. A quick dive into 2022 strategies can give you the edge for next year!)

We’ve seen 3 major trends growing in rapid popularity towards the end of this year, and it’s fairly easy to see these will be the biggest players in 2022. They are:

  • Big IOS Changes In Creatives And Quality Content
  • Building Your Own Data Base And Implementing Automation
  • New Marketing Channels TikTok & Youtube

Big IOS Changes In Creatives And Quality Content 

As you may have heard, 2021 was a big year for IOS updates. You could write a whole series of blogs dedicated to just the nitty gritty details plus the new features.

But the biggest change was the IOS 14 update earlier this year. Amongst many, many other things, this update aimed to improve privacy for iPhone users by reducing the amount of data that Facebook’s pixels can track. It did this by allowing users to receive pop-up prompts that ask for permission for each app to track their data. This update came in the wake of Apple’s stance on improving user privacy.

What does this mean for you ads?

Essentially, this means people who use Facebook on their phone (more than 85% of most businesses audience) may choose to opt out of having their actions tracked – if they have the latest IOS 14 update. Statistics show, however, that less than 14% of smartphone users even have this update.

Additionally, 28-day click throughs and views have been shortened to only 7 days. Basically, your ads won’t be affected; only your ability to track the results will be affected. Fortunately, this won’t affect SEO Strategies.

What’s the answer to such an update?

About as many synonyms for the word flexibility as you can think of! Reporting timeframes will have to be narrowed, and the volume of data that agencies rely on will need to be expanded. However, the simplest answer is: increased quality of creatives! Due to some audiences opting out of being tracked, the audience that does interact with your ad will need to be improved and increased in all manners: volume of data, engagement, click throughs, and leads generated. Essentially, you will need to do more with less. The best way to do this? Make the best ads possible!

Build Your Own Database And Streamline With Automation

Take control of your database!

Did you know the majority of businesses have their databases sitting on the big sites, such as Facebook and Google? While this is undoubtedly convenient, it leaves your most valuable assets (customer details) completely at the mercy of changes from updates (hint: updates happen a lot) and forces you to learn how to navigate the sometimes clunky interface.

By building your own database platform using a CRM, you can ensure your customer’s details are kept safe, and in a format that is tailored to you. No more needing to download cluttered excel spreadsheets from Facebook’s lead centre!

A CRM can do more than just secure your database however – they can automate your business processes too!. In fact, many tech-savvy & Facebook Marketing Companies have already adopted marketing automation to improve their operations and expand their sales pipeline.

“A CRM can take the form of email marketing, integrated CRM databases, customised landing pages, lead generation forms, re-targeting campaigns, lead scoring and customer lifecycle management.”

The right software can take care of texting/emailing your leads as soon as they sign up, sending bulk emails weekly or even daily, automatically sending nurturing emails/texts to turn cold leads into loyal customers!

In 2022, the leading businesses in each industry will no longer be spending time manually doing “necessary processes.” Instead, they will automate everything they can, and use the extra time they’ve saved to focus on creative and innovative endeavours to catapult themselves ahead of the curve and into new, lucrative waters!

Finding the right CRM software can be overwhelming at the beginning: that’s why the team here at Digital Junkies wrote you another blog for picking the right CRM!

New Marketing Channels TikTok & Youtube

We’ve already come up with our catchphrase for 2022, that’s how obvious this next point is: Video will be king in the end, so start now!

Video content is a powerful and persuasive channel: it can drive real results for your business, captivating the user’s attention and increasing screen time exponentially. By 2022, online video content will contribute to more than 80% of consumer internet traffic and more importantly better leads, customer engagement and sales.

Give your audience what they want: Video!

What platform should you choose?

HubSpot’s 2021 State of Marketing Report shows that 35% of surveyed consumers stated YouTube was the social platform that they most commonly watched videos on, differing from Instagram in recent years. Another stand out, showing 20% of surveyed, chose Tik Tok first for video viewing.

YouTube today has more than 2 billion monthly users, and 1 in every internet user say they use Youtube! You honestly cannot hope for a better statistic. This is the perfect top of funnel audience to nurture for your CRM automated marketing.

Using YouTube for video content creates a central hub to store all video content to educate and ignite passion with your audience. Youtube also has livestreaming capabilities to compete with Insta and TikTok.

tic toc

tic toc

TikTok has over 1 billion users worldwide, proving to be Gen Z’s go to for video content. The short video design makes it budget viable meaning more money can be allocated to other avenues. Products and brands featured have the ability to go viral on TikTok making it an awesome platform for an effective digital marketing strategy. Tik Tok may also be the way of the future: a recent study stated that 880% of Gen Z users preferred to buy online products that were referred to them by an influencer on TikTok, rather than Google or Facebook ads!

The keyword with upcoming trends in 2022 is: adaptability. Digital marketing Gold Coast is an exciting sphere of new ideas, innovations and updates constantly in flux. Businesses that refuse to update, pivot or employ new strategies in 2022 may see their revenues suffer; however, business owners who embrace change with open arms are sure to have an exciting 2022!

This blog was a collaboration of the team here at Digital Junkies. We’re extremely excited (if you couldn’t already tell) to implement new strategies for 2022. If you have any questions about your business’s strategy for the new year, then call us today! (07) 2000 4371

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